Crafture Box Spring Edition

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Home & living handmade objects

The perfect combination of exclusivity, design and contemporary craftsmanship.

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In Crafture we work with extraordinary artisans such as the Cru e Nu team, who are lucky to have the workshop at home, in a beautiful setting in Baixo Miño (Galicia, Spain). For this Spring Edition they have created an object that mixes wood, leather and Stone. A piece that has something of a prehistoric, but with a very refined design and exceptional workmanship.

See how “Sabbia” is born, this ally that will help you nibble in a healthy way.

It was an unknown and unusual environment. We liked to walk and get lost a little, appreciating the landscape slowly, in detail. There the earth smelled differently and our creative process used to start every time we went out to meet nature. One afternoon, crossing the mountain while we were looking for root wood, we found a stone that could have come from anywhere in the world and witnessed the most diverse events.
Its primitive form caught our attention, we knew we should explore it. Then the idea of creating a tool that satisfied a personal need arose.

We decided to create a tool that works as a nut opener or as a mortar for small seeds, grains or spices. The cylindrical shape and an intuitive creation process to the evolution of air and to the object of the simple shape. In terms of ergonomics and functionality, we decided to use the most ancient material of all: the stone. It was also clear from the beginning that we will only use noble and raw materials.